Desktop vs Laptop: What I Really Need

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January 26, 2021By Chidingma Kalu Leave a Comment

College Student You will agree with me that having a personal computer, be it a desktop or laptop, is as important as our textbooks. Gone are the days when the computer was a choice or a luxury for a college student, it is now necessary because academic dependence on computer technology continues to grow. Therefore, knowing what you really need between a desktop and a laptop as a college student and choosing the right computer is an important decision.

Generally, college life can be challenging, and having a laptop or desktop computer is an essential tool for any college student. Having a subject as important as your textbooks and ID at school is not only because of your school work, but also because of your extracurricular activities.

In fact, both laptops and desktops serve the same purpose; they both give you a personal computer. However, your needs for any of these may differ depending on your area of ​​study and how you intend to use your new computer.

So, this article was written with the aim of settling the desktop and laptop dispute, which is best for the college student. Here you will see the main differences between a laptop and a desktop computer, and decide which one is really right for you as a college student.

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