What does data science have in store for 2021?

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Data is everywhere. In an increasingly digital world, the science that brings them together and analyzes them is constantly increasing in importance. 2020 was a year that presented us with new Artificial Intelligence interfaces, the improvement of existing ones and brought up issues like LGPD and how the analysis of the information we leave on the networks is made. But what awaits us in 2021? Several factors are expected to influence the labor market.

And one of them is on the date of arrival on the market of young native people, who already see the world with great familiarity in data analysis. As Lucy Kosturko, manager of social innovation at SAS, pointed out, these young people live in this ecosystem from the moment they eat until they go to sleep. This generation that has an understanding and tracking of data acquired in an innate way and certainly their actions will mark 2021. Faced with scenarios like this, I bring together the three trends of the sector for next year that should show up in Brazil.

The first, and the most controversial, is the 5G hyperconnectivity . The theme is not new, but it promises to revolutionize technology in the world and, when we talk about Brazil, it could not be different. The implementation of the fifth generation of internet should not only enable the adoption of new technologies, but also be one of the main pillars of the economy when thinking about post-pandemic recovery measures.

With it, the market is expected to adapt to Industry 4.0that includes other important mechanisms for data exchange such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Computing, which can be used as mechanisms for business evolution, boosting smart machines or interconnecting devices – very welcome measures to assist in economic recovery. Studies such as “Why 5G in Latin America?”, Carried out by Nokia and Omdia, already point out that the solution will impact about US $ 1.2 trillion in GDP from 2021 to 2035, which is more than enough for us. leave us hopeful about their performance.

Another trend that should gain evidence in 2021, and which already gave its first signs in 2020, is Auto Machine Learning , which would be basically an AI responsible for developing the construction of other models of Machine Learning, dispensing totally or partially the need for human intervention. . This technology will help a lot in areas such as innovation, since professionals will be able to focus on more challenging areas and that require creative processes, while leaving the more repetitive tasks for machines. It is expected that more and more repetitive parts of the Machine Learning development process flow will be carried out without human presence.

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