Becoming an engineer

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Becoming an engineer is also a source of great pride, isn’t it? After all, these professionals are highly valued in the job market , and this is another very traditional profession in our country. In addition, the possibilities for this field continue to grow! Learn a little more about the career:

Duration : 5 years;
Disciplines : Physics, Geometry, Aspects of Society, Legislation, Environment, among others.
Average salary : Civil Engineer: R $ 9,500.00. Naval Engineer: R $ 7,500.00. (Data from Salá ).
The salary of the engineer will also depend on several aspects. Here at Pitágoras , Engineering is an area with many specialties ( Civil , Mechanical , Forestry , Computing , Chemistry …), and it is essential to be attentive to market demands in order to make a choice that combines personal fulfillment with good financial aspects.

IT Service Technician is a trained computer professional whose primary role in an organization is to help in installing and configuring system software and hardware. IT Service Technicians offer operational support to the system as well as assisting employees in an organization in matters related to IT.