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What are machine learning algorithms?

Machine learning is a branch of computer science that focuses on giving AI the ability to learn tasks. This means that in skill development, programmers don’t need to explicitly code AI to do certain things. Instead, AI is able to use data to teach itself.

Programmers achieve this through machine learning algorithms. These algorithms are the models on which AI learning behavior is based. Algorithms, in conjunction with training data sets, allow AI to learn.

An algorithm usually provides a model that artificial intelligence can use to solve a problem. For example, learn to identify pictures of cats vs dogs. AI applies the model established by the algorithm to a data set, which includes images of cats and dogs. Over time, AI will learn to identify cats and dogs more accurately and easily, without human intervention.

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Machine learning enhances technology, such as search engines, smart home devices, online services and stand-alone machines. It’s how Netflix knows which movies you’re most likely to watch, and how music streaming services can recommend playlists for you.

But while machine learning can make our lives a lot easier, there can also be some unexpected consequences.

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