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Information Technology Manager

Information Technology Management, or IT Management, is responsible for the management of hardware and software , while helping the organization . In this position, the manager aims to optimize the processes and other procedures related to the IT area.

There are several activities performed by an IT manager, including: Establishing rules for the correct use of systems; Control services of operating systems and database of companies; Reduce impacts of the information technology area; Conduct human resources related to IT sectors in companies; Monitor the routine of employees and manage the physical and logical infrastructure of all computerized locations.

Computer Network Architect

Computer network architects are responsible for creating and maintaining a variety of data communication networks , from organizational intranets to expansive cloud infrastructures. In this sense, these professionals are responsible for the budget of the project and implementation of the network, in addition to managing a team. This profession requires that these professionals have commercial acumen.

The IT Support Engineers is responsible for taking offer application and technical support to the users.

This position requires monitoring of new trends in the technology area so that they can be applied and beneficial to a particular organization, that is, these professionals must always be looking for something new to evolve in the IT area.

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