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What is PMBOK?

Project management is an extremely important issue for companies. For this reason, many scholars and large institutes are dedicated to the task of finding more efficient ways of applying it. One of them is the Project Management Institute (PMI), whose standardization committee created the Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK).

Roughly speaking, it is a body of knowledge in project management – that is, a guide to the best practices to be adopted in this process. In it, the fundamentals and concepts are defined so that they can assist the work of the manager in his functions. However, it should not be confused with a methodology, as each sector (and project) has its particularities and may adopt different practices than PMBOK.

Today, the way IT resources are used has become a true tool that generates value for the business. Therefore, the managers of the area started to look at PMBOK with more interest, thanks to the benefits that it can provide for the sector and the company as a whole.

The guide is extremely useful so that the manager can dimension deadlines and tasks, improving their governance. In addition, it outlines some practices that facilitate the management of common steps and resources in each project.

As we mentioned, it should be seen as a set of practices, and not as a ready recipe. Some may work in certain scenarios, while others are better suited to different projects and teams.

PMBOK offers an overview, not considering peculiarities of technical language restricted to certain areas. Furthermore, it does not offer unique models of the documents it suggests for use.

It is the role of an IT Service Technician to help customers and consumers to understand how to fix their computers as well as other technologies.

It is up to the manager to consult and study the PMBOK practices, evaluate the characteristics of IT projects and identify which ones have the greatest potential for efficiency – in addition to adapting them, whenever necessary, to the peculiarities of their company.

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