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How do robots work in practice?

Through artificial intelligence (AI), robots analyze aspects of the investor such as risk tolerance, objectives and other variables to trace the best investment strategies. Details such as the financial market and the country’s situation are also evaluated.

And this applies not only to the first investments, but also includes the rebalancing of the portfolio.

Considering all these aspects, technology automates investments . The calculations are made in real time, in search of the best opportunities. And robots are always learning, which is great for obtaining complete analyzes.

It is even possible to redeem applications when established conditions are reached.

Each stage is programmed by professionals, but the use of robots greatly speeds up the entire process and reduces the risk of human error.

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Advantages and risks of using investment robots
As it is something new, the use of investment robots in investment portfolio management is something that still causes doubt. However, evaluating pros and cons, it is simple to understand the reason why this technology has conquered space.

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