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Avoid failures when migrating to the cloud

Although executives are optimistic about the adoption of cloud computing , migrating the business to this environment is not always a simple task. Many failures happen, for the most part, because of the leaders themselves, as this article on the CIO website suggests . The

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Truths and lies about Cloud Computing

If you really want to know what cloud computing is, put an end to doubts by knowing what is true and what is a lie about cloud computing: 1. Cloud computing is expensive Quite the opposite! Cloud computing allows you to have fast access and

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The advantages of Cloud Computing

After all that has been seen so far, it should be clear to most that there are many advantages to adopting cloud-based services. However, if any aspect has gone unnoticed, we will list and comment briefly the main advantages of adopting one or more models: Security

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Become A Cloud computing

As a prospective career choice in IT, you will need to acquire skills to enter this sector. This can be achieved by taking courses in cloud computing. Cloud computing courses are usually offered at different levels. Various institutes offer courses which may span over two

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