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Costs of end users of public cloud will grow 18% in 2021

Worldwide public cloud costs are expected to increase 18%, from $ 257.5 billion in 2020, to $ 304.9 billion, in 2021. According to a Gartner study released last week (17), even with the impact of Covid-19, and as was foreseeable, some IT sectors showed an increase in the balance made by the consultant.

The Gartner study found that almost 70% of organizations that now use cloud computing services plan to increase their costs in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the consultant, the proportion of IT costs of migration to cloud computing will be accelerated after the Covid-19 crisis, with an expected growth of 14.2% of the total market for corporate IT costs in 2024, compared to 9 , 1% in 2020.

“The pandemic has validated the cloud computing value proposition,” said Gartner Vice President Sid Nag in a press release. “The ability to use scalable cloud computing models on demand for cost efficiency and business continuity is providing the impetus for organizations to quickly accelerate their digital business transformation plans. The increase in the use of cloud services, in the public cloud, reinforced the adoption of cloud computing as the ‘new normal’, now more than ever ”.

Computer networks are used to carry out a large number of tasks through the sharing of information.

Although software as a service (SaaS) remains the largest market segment and is expected to grow by 16%, from $ 101.4 billion in 2020 to $ 117.7 billion in 2021, services of application infrastructure (PaaS) are expected to grow by an upper margin of 26.6%. The increase in PaaS consumption, from $ 43.8 million this year to $ 55.4 million next year, is driven by the need for remote employees to have access to a high-performance, content-rich and scalable infrastructure to carry out the tasks. their tasks, which largely comes in the form of modernized native cloud applications, says Gartner.

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