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Truths and lies about Cloud Computing

If you really want to know what cloud computing is, put an end to doubts by knowing what is true and what is a lie about cloud computing:

1. Cloud computing is expensive
Quite the opposite! Cloud computing allows you to have fast access and IT operational efficiency at a low cost. With what cloud computing can do, there is no need to make major investments in technology, hardware and software , not to mention the maintenance that would be necessary.

As you only use the services temporarily, it is as if you were paying a rent for the time and space you are occupying, which makes everything cheaper.

2. Cloud computing brings agility to the company
Let’s try to remember the high school days: in teamwork, each one was responsible for writing a part. In the end, we gathered all the content to arrive at a complete result. But that did not allow anyone to see or alter the information that others were creating. At least not in real time.

This is another advantage of cloud computing, as the document is in the cloud and everyone can do their part. All at the same time, in the same file, having access to what others are also creating. This increases the productivity of the team and makes the materials developed more cohesive.

3. Cloud computing is not useful for my business
The truth is that, no matter what your business is, cloud computing is what can help. Even if you have a cane juice stand on the side of the highway, you need to have financial control over expenses and sales. And if that document is not online, it can only be accessed from the same computer.

And if you want to check something out when you’re not at work, how are you going to act? Using cloud computing is simple: just take your phone out of your pocket, connect and open the spreadsheet you want.

4. Cloud computing is not secure
There are people who believe that the cloud is not as secure as physical media, but in fact it is just the opposite! Cloud files are much more protected and are easily recovered.

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While digital backup can happen in an automated way and data can be stored in secure locations, in physical media backup it is not advisable to keep all media in the same location, for example.

Have you ever wondered if a fire hits your company? In addition to all the losses, you will also lose all your data backed up! This does not happen with cloud computing.

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