The value of information

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Wow, did you see how many types of attacks? And that is just a little bit of the many existing ones. Now imagine that legion of attackers, with these innumerable malicious tools, trying to steal your company’s data? Would you have losses? After all, how much is information worth?

A big mistake that many people, including small and medium-sized companies , is not knowing or minimizing the value of information.

Many believe that only big, mega-companies are targeted by crackers, who are looking for opportunities to get their hands on information.

And that is exactly where the big mistake lives: crackers are looking for information ! It doesn’t matter if they belong to large or small companies, they want data, information and opportunities to steal them. Such opportunities are found in vulnerabilities.

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Your information is valuable and extremely important, it is data from employees, customers and data from the organization itself that can fall into the wrong hands. Such data is essential for your company, not only in the functionality of the business, as well as it can generate legal responsibilities that you should be aware of.

A good example can be found in credit card numbers, sometimes stored in the company’s databases. Failure to protect this data may expose you to lawsuits by those affected by the leak.