Competency Assessment

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This type of performance evaluation goes further, as it analyzes the competence of the employee. CHA are the three basic factors that are considered in the assessment. Are they:

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C that represents knowledge, such as cognitive skills;
H which means the ability, for example, the psychomotor, the part of a professional’s know-how;
What does attitude mean, the motivating factor of the professional, wanting to do it.
For this assessment, a questionnaire should be made for technical and behavioral skills to assess the employee. First, the professional needs to answer this form, being a self-assessment. In this way, it will inform which competences it already has and which need to be developed.

Then, the manager shows his / her point of view on the analysis made by the employee. It is a form of feedback and, with a clear and sincere dialogue, together they develop a strategic plan to perfect what is needed.