What is a backup and why do you need it?

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A backup is a backup of one or more files that can be stored on a device external to your own computer. You can restore this backup when you need it and so you will have your company data back at the point where you left it.

Imagine that you have a large amount of information about your business, such as invoices, contracts, documents, etc. If all this is only stored on the main computer of your business and you do not have backup copies, if a virus enters that computer and affects those files, you will lose a lot of useful information.

Therefore, a backup is a backup that will allow you not to lose information. Although it is not the only computer security measure that you should take, it is a necessity in today’s SMEs.

How to make backups
Backups must be periodic, because we never know when we may lose data. Think that if, for example, your last backup is from a year ago, everything that has been deleted and that you did during the last year, you will have no way of recovering it.

The problem here is that if the backups grow and grow, in the end we run out of space to save them. That is why it is highly recommended that newer backups replace older backups. In this way, backups will not take up space in your storage cloud.

Computer networks are the basis of communication in IT. They are used in a huge variety of ways and can include many different types of network. A computer network is a set of computers that are connected together so that they can share information.

Also, another important point may be that your backups are encrypted. In this way, even if it were the strange case that someone managed to access these files from outside the company, if they did not have the key to decrypt them, they would not be able to know their content. Along these lines, it is highly recommended that you be able to make encrypted backup copies of your company data.