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The advantages of Cloud Computing

After all that has been seen so far, it should be clear to most that there are many advantages to adopting cloud-based services. However, if any aspect has gone unnoticed, we will list and comment briefly the main advantages of adopting one or more models:

  • Security – rare people and companies that back up data contained on users’ machines. Good cloud storage services, on the other hand, have redundancy and data replication, making the likelihood of information loss close to zero. The verification of the presence of malware in content stored in the cloud, is another characteristic usually present;
  • Accessibility – data can be accessed from any device with access to the Internet, making the use of removable media (eg, Pen Drive) increasingly rare nowadays;
  • Multiplatform – cloud data systems do not differentiate as to the operating system used and thus regardless of the device used by the user, data access and manipulation is possible;
  • Licensing – to the extent that it is no longer necessary to acquire as many program licenses as, for example, a text editor, there is less concern about the legal, bureaucratic and monetary part that sometimes software licensing requires;
  • Flexibility – resources (space, processing, memory, number of users, etc.) can be scaled up or down automatically, depending on the load, quickly and easily. This is what is called use on demand (on demand);
  • Update – unlike locally installed software, which becomes obsolete over time, cloud services (SaaS) are automatically updated periodically and incorporate new features and standards;
  • Hardware – applications for accessing cloud services, generally require less hardware resources, as well as less hardware updates to keep up with software updates;
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  • Maintenance – as the amount of local infrastructure decreases, it also decreases the possibility of problems and consequently of maintenance;
  • Costs – by reducing investment in leaner and more durable structures over time and therefore less demanding in maintenance, in many cases a significant cost reduction is achieved. In addition, cloud service providers often adopt payment methods on a per-use or per-package basis.

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