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Monthly Archives: January 2021

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What does data science have in store for 2021?

Data is everywhere. In an increasingly digital world, the science that brings them together and analyzes them is constantly increasing in importance. 2020 was a year that presented us with new Artificial Intelligence interfaces, the improvement of existing ones and brought up issues like LGPD

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Cyber ​​attacks and a death

In September 2020, Universal Health Services (UHS) , a network of hospitals and health services with more than 400 facilities in the U.S., Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom, was attacked by Russian ransomware ‘Ryuk’ . This was not the first cyber attack on a

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Good habits of IT Risk Management

In view of the need to avoid these conducts, it is possible to take some actions to guide the implementation of risk management. Below, we will mention some of the main ones. 1. Information Security Policy The parameters defined by an Information Security Policy serve

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Public and private cloud: know the differences

As the data requirements for cloud-based solutions continue to increase, more and more companies are considering this option. Among the benefits, we can mention the flexibility, agility and cost-benefit that the adoption of the cloud, whether public or private, can offer. However, although most cloud

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What are the advantages of IT two types of services?

Cloud computing and the use of virtual servers have similar benefits for the company. Together, these impacts can make the business more competitive, adherent to deadlines and economical. Among the advantages, we can highlight: • reduction of operating costs; • increased scalability; • gains in

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4 VPN connection myths unraveled!

We can summarize the performance of a VPN network as a private network in the middle of the entire public network, that is, the internet. VPNs are responsible for creating an encrypted tunnel, bridging a source computer with the destination server. Thus, it is possible

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