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Home office and instability: what companies face

Many users are already feeling the overhead in connecting to systems and other applications due to the high demand that the world is demanding at the moment.

With the adoption of the home office by many companies due to the Coronavirus pandemic, not only is IT suffering from the availability of access, but users are experiencing difficulties that are directly affecting the productivity and continuity of their activities.

This reminds us of the challenges that many companies faced with IT infrastructure to meet the demands of Black Friday. The number of accesses on a specific date overloaded the sites and operations because there was no mobility that provided the availability that the cloud brings.

Juniper network engineer help in the network execution for combined testing, repairing and documentation.

With the recommendation of government and health authorities to quarantine to reduce the contagion of the virus, people will stay more in their homes and the number of accesses is already compromising the connection, but this time, we can improve access to data and help companies to continue their business.

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