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IT cost optimization

It is possible to reduce expenses in different ways, such as the purchase of servers and storage, electricity bills, acquisition of licenses and new parts, support and maintenance.

The Cloud enables the company to transform CAPEX expenses by OPEX, eliminating the need for investments in hardware. Thus, it ensures greater predictability and control for the company.

Flexible scalability
Another important point for the home office is the flexible scalability. After all, the demands of companies are undergoing several changes due to social isolation.

In this way, the Cloud avoids possible periods of idleness due to the systems not supporting the rapid growth of demands, ensuring that companies do not miss any business opportunity.

An organization that has the flexibility of the Cloud can increase or decrease its resources in a matter of minutes, adapting quickly to new realities.

Disaster Recovery Solution
No company knows when a setback will happen and block all of its operations, does it? That is why it is important to have a Disaster Recovery solution.

In times of home office, having a disaster recovery solution in the cloud is a very efficient measure. With it, the company can focus on paying only the subscription for the replication of its data, worrying about their recovery only when a disaster really happens.

The lease of the Cloud service enables data replication, automated backups of information and systems being made in the Cloud.

Juniper network engineer help in the network execution for combined testing, repairing and documentation.

In this way, the risks of data loss in the Home Office are reduced and the IT team does not spend its time performing backups, being able to focus on more important activities for the business.

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