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Simulators come to the aid of software developers!

The creation of a virtual device model begins simultaneously with the design of the physical device. But since the creation and release of a model is much easier, the first releases of such models appear conventionally not in a year, but much earlier. Using such models, software developers can immediately start their tasks without waiting for “hardware”.

Yes, there will not be all the functionality, but programmers at the first stages do not need all of it. Until the device is made, teams of hardware architects, modelers, and software developers must have clear and consistent plans that reflect what specific functionality should be done at what stage. At each iteration and with each stage, the virtual model grows with additional functionality, which, in turn, is used by software developers to write a driver or create firmware for this particular functionality.

In this approach, model and software developers use common specifications. By running software on a model, they are, in fact, testing each other’s work.

An additional plus is the validation of the “hardware” despite the fact that the hardware itself is not even there yet. It sounds surprising at first glance, but here we are talking about architectural errors in the design of the device, some of which can be detected when running software on a model. And this is very cool as it is possible to fix these bugs in the hardware before it is released. Otherwise, these errors would lead to the need to reissue the next revisions, and this is quite an expensive pleasure.

Technicians are well-versed with the brass tacks of the services/products, which they provide support for. If IT Technicians are unable to resolve a problem, it is escalated to the senior team.

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We had a case when 10 blocks for processing the incoming data stream were implemented in a complex device, and the control and control registers allowed us to work with only half of them. This was implemented in the previous version of the device, and the architects simply forgot to expand this part. When we created the model and the other team wrote and ran the driver, it quickly turned out that all the advanced functionality was not available. The architecture and specifications were corrected in time before the physical prototype of the device was created.

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