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Monthly Archives: November 2020

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Simulators come to the aid of software developers!

The creation of a virtual device model begins simultaneously with the design of the physical device. But since the creation and release of a model is much easier, the first releases of such models appear conventionally not in a year, but much earlier. Using such

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Internal devices of the system unit

The motherboard is the main board of your computer. It hosts: 1. processor – the main microcircuit that performs arithmetic and logical operations – the brain of a computer. The processor consists of cells, similar to the cells of random access memory, but in these

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Malware Email breaches

Each month email is consistently the largest threat vector, meaning that hackers use email phishing or other tactics to trick people into giving them access to a system. Email breaches often include a number of different tactics such as display name spoofing, which masks an

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