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Benefits of Being a Contingent Worker

You would work with the same team every day in the same department, using the frameworks that the company was founded on.

Your next paycheck would land in your account month on month. Once you’d mastered your role, you’d move through the ranks until you climbed to the level of Manager, Director — maybe even higher, and then retire.

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Today, the world of work looks a little different and, in our opinion… a whole lot more exciting than that. We’re seeing a massive shift from traditional work and full-time employment to freelancing, working part-time, and independent contracting with different teams, on varying projects. This is often referred to as the gig economy. It is reported that if the gig economy keeps growing at its current rate, more than 50% of the US workforce will participate in it by 2027.

Hundreds of Weployees are ahead of this curve and experiencing the benefits of being a contingent worker today. There are multiple benefits to being a Weployee, and we’ve compiled a list of five of the top ones, as voted for by the community.

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