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What is Network Simulation

Nowadays, the advancement in wireless technology has been increasing rapidly. In computer networks, the unproven protocols cannot be initiated on a large scale because of the indecision of its successful result. So, the latest protocols are tested through analytical modeling otherwise simulation tools. If the latest protocols show good results after the simulation, then the protocols will be executed in the real world.

Network simulation is the common and most useful method, used to calculate various network topologies exclusive of real-world implementation. These are extensively utilized by the research community to estimate new theories & hypotheses. There are different kinds of simulators but its selection in research work is critical for researchers.

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What is Network Simulation?
Definition: Network simulation is one kind of method in the research of a computer network where a software program forms the performance of a network by analyzing the relations between the various network entities such as links, Nswitched, routers, nodes, access points. The network performance, different applications, services & supports can be monitored in an analysis lab. Different features of the surroundings can also be changed in a controlled way to evaluate how the network or protocols would perform beneath different conditions.

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