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Monthly Archives: June 2020

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How the Internet was born?

In today’s hyper-tech world, almost any new device (even a fridge, let alone phones or computers) is born “smart” enough to connect easily with the global network. This is possible because at the core of this worldwide infrastructure we call the Internet is a set

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Wells Fargo Campaign

In the Wells Fargo phishing campaign that Abnormal Security found, the fraudsters attempt to steal customers’ data, such as usernames, passwords, PINs and account numbers. Victims receive phishing emails that appear to come from the Wells Fargo security team that ask customers to update their

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InfoSec certifications

This year’s list includes entry-level credentials, such as Security+, as well as more advanced certifications, such as the CEH, CISSP, CISM and CISA. We also offer some additional certification options in the last section that cover choices outside our top five, because the field of

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From the outsourcing of human drivers to machines and chatbots taking over traditional customer service roles, the age of artificial intelligence has officially arrived. With our increased reliance on technology, new services like artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing and cloud storage are quickly

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Benefits of Being a Contingent Worker

You would work with the same team every day in the same department, using the frameworks that the company was founded on. Your next paycheck would land in your account month on month. Once you’d mastered your role, you’d move through the ranks until you

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What is the actual real-life speed of wireless networks

There are many wireless standards in use today, and newer technologies can bond multiple channels/frequencies together to achieve higher throughput. First, keep in mind that in data communications, speed is measured in kilobits (or megabits) per second, designated as kbps, or Mbps. You can check

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What is Network Simulation

Nowadays, the advancement in wireless technology has been increasing rapidly. In computer networks, the unproven protocols cannot be initiated on a large scale because of the indecision of its successful result. So, the latest protocols are tested through analytical modeling otherwise simulation tools. If the

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The global Enterprise Network LAN Equipment market has been garnering remarkable momentum in the recent years. The steadily escalating demand due to improving purchasing power is projected to bode well for the global market. QY Research’s latest publication, titled global Enterprise Network LAN Equipment market,

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