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Modernizing the network architecture

The answer to reduced complexity is a network architecture that provides a single layer of infrastructure from the branch to the core to the cloud, ensuring end-to-end connectivity and intrinsic security. That means a network built on a software-defined architecture with centralized management, control and security policy at the virtualization layer.

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In the cloud era, think of this software-defined network (SDN) architecture as step one in network modernization. Step two is to take that same software-defined architecture you are using for your on-premises hybrid and private cloud infrastructure and move it to the public cloud.

This will give you a seamless, integrated network architecture for all of your hybrid cloud workloads. It will dramatically reduce complexity, significantly improve security and give you an opportunity to successfully move virtually any workload to any cloud—including mission-critical databases, containers and microservices for development teams, and branch and edge computing environments that empower workforces wherever they are located.

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