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Choosing the Right Engineering Career Path

With so many engineering fields, how do you choose the right engineering career path for you? Energy, mechanics, biology, aeronamics and computer science – the diverse range of engineering directions can be overwhelming. At Kangan Institute, we have put together a guide to help you choose the right engineering career path for you.

Choosing the right engineering career path depends on the industry you would like to work in, the ideal career you would like to have and the life you want to lead. Engineering companies offer roles in a range of various positions, from specialist technology development to commercial and managerial roles. Different people are suited to very different roles so make sure you have a good think about what would be good for you.

Are you interested in developing technical expertise and becoming a specialist in your field or be in control of troubleshooting production line issues in a manufacturing facility? Perhaps you would like to investigate into commercial areas such as supply chain management or build experience to move into a managerial role?

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If you are not sure, you should look to study a course that will allow you to work in various positions before you make your decision to specialise in a specific area of engineering. You wouldn’t start an engineering project without researching the problem, so planning your career should be no different. Whether you know what industry or engineering role you want to enter, it is worth spending the time to consider all the opportunities available to you.

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