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In 2019, we see most networks designed to allow policies around BYOD (bring your device), with each device experiencing a different response to the network. The IT within each device will determine how it can receive and send signals to the access points as well as the quantity of information that is going back and forth.

Each device will have separate needs depending on which industry you are in and the IT needs of your organization. Many locations will require hundreds of employees and customers to wander around the building, and each employee or customer will always expect to stay connected for their tasks.

Additional device limitations relate to the number of standards for wireless and the bandwidth throughput in place, etc. Some devices, including mobile phones and new-age laptops, are subject to limitations concerning the bandwidth throughput in which they can access.

Job Duties of Switch Networkers

These limitations make it vital to ensure an overall understanding is in place with your organization’s equipment and the specific work that you expect to have done before investing in a top of the line internet connection or an expensive wireless network solution.

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