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Become A Cloud computing

As a prospective career choice in IT, you will need to acquire skills to enter this sector. This can be achieved by taking courses in cloud computing. Cloud computing courses are usually offered at different levels. Various institutes offer courses which may span over two days to 12 months, depending upon the level of the course.

Once equipped with the desired qualification, you may be able to work as a cloud architect, cloud security specialist, cloud developer or cloud infrastructure manager in an IT company.

Aspiring candidates can generally enroll in a course in cloud computing after a bachelor’s degree in engineering (information technology or computer science), Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) or Master of Science (M.Sc.) in IT or Computer Science. Students would be required to have a basic understanding of programming to take on this course. Any fresh graduate or IT and software professional with some working experience may take this course, provided they meet entrance requirements.

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