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Monthly Archives: February 2020

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Traditional WAN and SD-WAN

Traditional WAN has following limitations: Escalating cost due to the use of MPLS technology, including the managing price of MPLS network and remote location Addition of a new site or changes in the existing one requires an exhausting manual process Fully dependency on the internet

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What are the Components of a Service Level Agreement?

Each service commitment (SLA) has these attributes: Service - the service or action the the vendor provides. For instance, your Internet Provider gives you internet access. Measurement - this is a metric that quantifies the service commitment. Again, using our Internet Provider example, the measurement could be

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Cyber ​​Attack Statistics

According to the European Commission, approximately 80% of European companies suffered cyber attacks in 2016. The document also says that since the beginning of 2016, more than 4 thousand attacks have occurred every day around the world, which is 300% more than in 2015. “Studies

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In 2019, we see most networks designed to allow policies around BYOD (bring your device), with each device experiencing a different response to the network. The IT within each device will determine how it can receive and send signals to the access points as well

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Become A Cloud computing

As a prospective career choice in IT, you will need to acquire skills to enter this sector. This can be achieved by taking courses in cloud computing. Cloud computing courses are usually offered at different levels. Various institutes offer courses which may span over two

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